Let's Learn, Make,
Innovate, & Repeat.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success You are now entering on innovation zone. Many sparks can make a fire rise higher.

Here's How You Can Reach Us.

Proud Accomplishments
from last yearšŸ§¾

  • 140+ ideas submitted
  • Conducted 30+ programs
  • Established Sensors and IoT lab
  • Hosted Precursor Event
    of the IEDC Summit by KSUM for Three districts
    (Kannur, Kasargod, and Wayanad)
  • Conducted state level Hackathon(HACKATLY)
  • Signed MOU with MiZone
    (Malabar Innovation Entrepreneurship Zone)
  • Incubated two Start-ups
    One Touch (Placement Advisory services ) and
    TravCult (Tourism based Start-up)


Innovation drives
productivity, productivity
drives economic growth.


Generating ideas is not a
problem. Incubation is.
Acceleration is.


Creative thinking inspires
ideas. Ideas inspire

Alone we can do so little
together we can do so much.

Having students learn from each other through collaboration can be an effective way for organizations to grow stronger teams that work together more productively. It's also a more positive experience than quarterly training that isn't personalized and disrupts productivity.