The Wheels of the Vehicle

A big appreciation goes to our team! We went the extra miles so far, and our impact as well as contribution was incredible.Getting proudly impressed with how our teamwork being demonstrated today. It's a pleasure to watch a great leaders like our team members be a positive role model and encourage others to do their best.

Dr. Umesh P
Nodal officer


Harsh Girish
3rd Year IT

🕵🏻IEDC Lead

Executive Committee

Manal Hadi
3rd Year EEE
🧰Technology Lead

Athira V
3rd Year IT
🛎️Quality & Operations Lead

Muhammed Farseen
3rd Year IT
🎨Creative & Innovation

Lia Paul
3rd Year CSE
📑Branding & Marketing

Ashwin Kunnoth
2nd Year EEE
💸Finance Lead

Abhijeeth kv
2nd Year EEE
💸Finance Lead

Ameenathul Salha
3rd Year IT
🔰Community Lead

Shifana Sulthana
3rd Year IT
🤵🏻‍♀️Women Entrepreneurship

Core Team

Name Class Position
Nandakishore P 2nd Year ME 🔊Lead in Outreach Activities
Sara Zaha 3rd Year IT 📝Lead in Content creation
Anoop p 2nd Year ME 👨🏻‍🔧Lead in Fabrication
Sandra Rajesh 3rd Year CE 💬Production, Events and Talk TLY
Chaithanya 2nd Year EC
Muhammed Roshan A T 3rd Year CE 📲Lead in Social media/ Website
Vyshakh M 3rd Year IT 👨🏻‍💻Technology Lead (Software)
Adwaith M K 3rd Year IT 👨🏻‍💻Lead in Coderz club
Rahul vv 3rd Year IT 📸Media and Visual Lead
Prajwal Pradeep 3rd Year ME 👥Social Innovation Lead
Muhammed Najim Haneef 2nd Year EEE 🛵Lead in EV and Energy

Department Leads

Department Class Name
CS 3rd Year Aishwarya
IT 3rd Year Devasree Gopakumar
EEE 2nd Year Anzil Rahman K N
EC 2nd Year Chaithanya
CE 3d Year Muhammed Roshan A T
ME 2nd Year Akamsh S