About us

IEDC CETLY formed in the year 2015, is a centre supported by the Kerala Startup mission which motivates students to think creatively and generate innovative ideas. The centre aims to nurture a mindset to think creatively and innovate to develop useful product. IEDC serves as a helping hand among the students within the campus to figure out the best ideas and provide them with all the requirements thereby resulting to find the best upcoming entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

To instill innovation culture among students and introduce new gen technologies to solve problems in meaningfully way. Also, develop a learning, innovation platform and technically competent and skilled entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

To develop institution as a platform for innovators and future leaders by promoting creativity, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

What they recount?!

Showcasing how the decision to go ahead with our performance benefitted others in their same shoes is an excellent way to get to know what has been to whatever we are providing.

Anurag C P
Former Chief Executive officer

It is one of the finest platforms for an undergraduate student to get to know the market, different aspects of product building, and more importantly peer-to-peer learning in an open community. I strongly believe growth always depends on the place and time that we are in, in that sense IEDC is the best platform for an undergrad. I had been Chief Executive Officer at IEDC CoET from 2018 to 2019. Takeaways from my IEDC journey are learnings such as how to make connections and healthy relationships in a peer group, how to transform information into knowledge by resharing it, how to handle success and failures, how to pitch an idea on the panel, how should be the thinking process to scale the product on a large scale and how to present it into a larger audience and more independent how to manage finance independently on each phase of product development.

Akshay Ashokan Pothan
Founder & CEO Imiot TechnoLabs

IEDC CE-Thalassery is one of the best IEDC which holds all the core values of IEDC. Encouraging students to the Leadership, Skill Development, and Entrepreneurship qualities. Activities of IEDC TLY are completely controlled by Students with the advice of Nodal Officers and Mentors

Amal S Raj
Former Chief Operations Officer

Was I an idiot? Yes, I was! How serious was it? Yeah, it was pretty serious! I've done a lot of dumb stuff, which I might be ashamed of saying. wasted a lot of opportunities. wasted a lot of my time and the time of others. Then what was the purpose? the golden question! The "thing" that IEDC taught me is to "be comfortable being an idiot. Stepping out of your comfort zone and being a 'noobie' in a new field is a powerful weapon that can open many doors for you. And by helping others and providing value, you grow as a person. It gives you superpowers. (And it may get you income in the future.) Yes, I'm grateful for the journey that IEDC has given me, and hosting the first HACKaTLY will be my most cherished memory of the time. Hopefully the little ups and downs and lessons we learned will be a wonderful asset for my future endeavors. I wish the best for IEDC CETLY for the extraordinary years ahead.

Ranil Raj
Former Chief Creative Officer

IEDC is the most supportive agency among student clubs which provides immense support for students to make happen their ideas and strategies, the system provides moral and material support for those who use its potential Moreover every individual can connect with many people with the same mentality and vision. I had been the Chief Creative Officer at IEDC COET for the period of 2020-21.during the journey I took up many skills such as good interpersonal communication where now I can convey my ideas in front of a crowd, the perspective of designing, and developing the product from the idea and also the marketing strategies. I can assure you that every individual who puts their effort into IEDC can build many skills or can improve their personality according to how they are acting

Khyathi S
Former Chief Marketing Officer

IEDC act as an aspirational platform, for the student entrepreneurs and tech innovators, in skilling and sharpening their entrepreneurial skill sets. The innovators will be exposed to Innovation culture, emerging technologies and Business aspects and all the other skills. I had been The Chief Marketing officer at IEDC COET from 2020- 2021.Its been a great journey and and I've had the chances to work and interact with many skilled personalities and tech experts, which was handy in developing my charecter and skillset. I've had privilege to organise and attend marketing activities and events and exposure to large scale markets and audiences.

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